Venice resists: the artwork of the 35th Venice Critics’ Week


«The principle behind the movie camera is that of a luminous impression: the light crosses the lenses and impresses the sliding film. This is how “the cine-eye”, the movie camera, captures the light in order to return it in a sequence of frames, a film. In the artwork for the 35th Venice International Film Critics’ Week, this concept is overturned. The movie camera carved in the arms of a woman emanates light, instead of capturing it. The statue and the movie camera play the role of a lighthouse in a futuristic lagoon constellated with suspended gondolas and crossed by the spectrum of the pandemic. In a moment when the world of cinema is looking at Venice to start again, the Serenissima responds. Venice resists, and so does cinema. » Fabiana Mascolo

Fabiana Mascolo was born in Rome in 1993, she graduated from the Faculty of Languages at La Sapienza University of Rome, and also from the Scuola Internazionale di Comics (International School of Comics). She started collaborating with the Editoriale Aurea publishing house as a colorist of the Dago series. In 2018 she debuted as a designer on the mini-series Caput Mundi for Editoriale Cosmo publishing house, and the following year she published her first graphic novel, Ruggine with texts of Francesco Vicentini Orgnani for the publishing house Edizioni BD. That same year she also collaborated with SEF Editore and Scout Comics publishing houses, for whom she designed the mini-series Yasmeen. In 2002, working with both inks and colors, Mascolo collaborated with publishing houses Feltrinelli Editore, TIWI and BOOM!Studios, among others.

Download the artwork: click here.

35 SIC Immagine ufficiale