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50 (o dos ballenas se encuentran en la playa) 50 (or two whales meet at the beach)

Directed by Jorge Cuchí
Mexico 2020
Runtime 122'

Félix, a 17-year-old boy, receives an invitation on WhatsApp: do you want to play the Blue Whale Game? The one with the 50 challenges? The one where you have to kill yourself at the end? Félix accepts. That is how he meets Elisa. They start completing the challenges together. 50 is a story of love between two suicidal teens who decide to play together till death do them part. Which is six days away.

Directed by
Jorge Cuchí

Jorge Cuchí

José Casillas

Víctor González Fuentes

Giorgio Giampà

Álvaro Mei

Art Direction
Miguel Ángel Álvarez

Costume Design
Atzin Catalina Hernández

José Antonio Toledano, Karla Coronado

Verónica Valadez P., Hari Sama, Laura Berrón (Catatonia Cine)

Laura Berrón

Press Office
Alibi Communications

Jorge Cuchi

Jorge Cuchí (1963), spent 25 years working in advertising, on over a thousand commercials for both film and television, as well as receiving numerous national and international awards for his ad campaigns. Jorge Cuchí is currently working as a consultant on marketing and advertising projects, and developing film projects. 50 (or two whales meet at the beach), is his first feature film both as a writer and director.