Short film in competition

De l’amour perdu Lost Love

Directed by Lorenzo Quagliozzi
Italy 2023
Runtime 17'

In Nazi-occupied France, the heart of a young nun is torn between God and Love.

Directed by
Lorenzo Quagliozzi

Lorenzo Quagliozzi, Maurizio Quagliozzi, Giovanni Vanoli

Lorenzo Quagliozzi

Lorenzo Quagliozzi

Lorenzo Quagliozzi

Production design
Lorenzo Quagliozzi


Catherine Bertoni de Laet, Francesca Osso, Guido Quaglione, Umberto Pavoncello, Silvia Bruni

Simone Gattoni (Kavac Film), Paolo Sorrentino

Saturday 02.09
9.00am Hall Perla
Press, Industry

Sunday 03.09
2.15pm Hall Perla
Public, All accreditations

Monday 04.09
8.00pm Hall Corinto
Public, All accreditations

SIC@SIC 2023

Between 2018 and 2019, Lorenzo Quagliozzi (1999) curated the videographic documentation of the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome and, as an intern, assisted in the production of the drama series The New Pope by Paolo Sorrentino. In 2020, he collaborated in the research of archival footage for the documentary film Ennio by Giuseppe Tornatore. He also interned on the set of Exterior Night by Marco Bellocchio, and worked as second assistant director in the Rai-produced series Sei pezzi facili by Paolo Sorrentino. After Illusion (2020) and My Heart Is a Void, The Void Is a Mirror – the Odessa Episode (2022), which was presented at the 58. Pesaro Film Festival, De l’amour perdu is his third short film.