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Directed by David Wagner
Austria 2022
Runtime 87'

Sergeant Major Eismayer, the toughest and most feared instructor in the Austrian Armed Forces, keeps a secret, which threatens his job and his family, carefully hidden from the public: he is gay. He spends a lot of effort to keep his double life a secret. When the openly gay Falak joins the unit, Eismayer clashes with him but is also drawn to the provocative Falak. His heteronormative life is more and more shaken. For a man like Eismayer, the traditional role model of the soldier is not compatible with a gay relationship. Will he remain true to his image as a tough macho man or follow the call of his heart? And can the two men even be compatible at all? Based on the real lives of Sergeant Major Charles Eismayer and Major Mario Falak.

Directed by
David Wagner

David Wagner

Serafin Spitzer

Stephan Bechinger


Nora Czamler, Atanas Tchokalov, Manuel Meichsner, Claus Benischke-Lang

Production design
Thiare Galleguillos, Raphael Caric

Monika Buttinger

Julika Leiendecker, Nora Conradi

Nicole Schmied

Gerhard Liebmann, Luka Dimić, Julia Koschitz, Anton Noori, Christopher Schärf, Karl Fischer, Lion Tatzber

Production manager
Christine Schwarzinger

Arash T. Riahi, Sabine Gruber (Golden Girls Filmproduktion & Filmservices GmbH)

Golden Girls Filmproduktion & Filmservices
Julia Horvath

Laurin Dietrich

David Wagner

David Wagner (1982) has worked in the film industry since 2003 and learned his craft on the sets of numerous productions. His film training includes a summer degree at NYU Tisch School of the Arts (2006) and a master’s degree in Directing at the Hamburg Media School (2014-2016). Today, David works as a director, acting coach, scriptwriter, and editor. His short films have been screened at renowned international film festivals and have won several awards. His first feature film script, Eismayer, was awarded the Script Talent Award 2019.