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God Is a Woman Dieu est une femme

Directed by Andres Peyrot
France, Switzerland, Panama 2023
Runtime 87'

In 1975, French Oscar-winning director Pierre-Dominique Gaisseau travelled to Panama to film the Kuna community, where women are sacred. Gaisseau, his wife and their little girl Akiko lived with the Kunas for a year. The project eventually ran out of funds and a bank confiscated the reels. Fifty years later, the Kunas are still waiting to discover “their” film, now a legend passed down from the elders to the new generation. One day, a hidden copy is found in Paris…

Directed by
Andres Peyrot

Andres Peyrot, Elizabeth Wautlet

Patrick Tresch, Nicolas Desaintquentin

Sabine Emiliani

Grégoire Auger

Luis Lasso, Luis Bravo, Damien Perrollaz, Samy Bardet

Brieuc Dréano, Andres Peyrot (Industrie Films), Johan De Faria, Sébastien Deurdilly (Upside Films), Xavier Grin (P.S. Productions)

Associate producers
Orgun Wagua, Duiren Wagua, Isabella Gálvez, Moisés Gonzalez

International sales
Pyramide International

38SIC Andres Peyrot

Andrés Peyrot (1986)  is a Swiss-Panamanian filmmaker based in Paris. After graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Andrés most notably shot Jonathan Caouette’s film Walk Away Renee, selected for the 2011 Cannes Critics’ Week. He has filmed and edited numerous arts and culture documentaries for French TV. He also co-wrote and edited Emperors of Nothing (2023), a feature documentary by Cédric Gerbehaye about an infamous Belgian prison. God is a Woman is his first feature documentary.