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Directed by Luna Carmoon
United Kingdom 2023
Runtime 126'

1984: There’s a landfill in our living room
Mother and Maria’s world feels like sparkles down spines, Christmas is every day in their nidus of love

1994: He handed her to me, its weight would come in waves
Maria’s last day of school. As she arrives home, at the top stairs, waiting, are two bare feet. A tall odd man, a stranger who has a familiar scent of trauma, a childhood pain, a gemini of knowing stings – Michael

Directed by
Luna Carmoon

Luna Carmoon

Nanu Segal

Rachel Durance

Jim Williams

Steve Single

Production design
Bobbie Cousins

Nat Turner

Saura Lightfoot Leon, Joseph Quinn, Hayley Squires, Lily-Beau Leach, Deba Hekmat

Helen Simmons (Erebus Pictures), Loran Dunn (Delaval Film), Andrew Starke (Anti-Worlds)

International sales
Alpha Violet

Friday 01.09
9.00am Hall Perla
Press, Industry

Saturday 02.09
1.15pm Hall Perla
Public, All accreditations

Sunday 03.09
7.30pm Hall Corinto
Public, All accreditations


Luna Carmoon (1997) is a self-taught writer-director born N’bred in SE London. Often dissecting the absurd with the mundane, rooted in the mythology of her own memories, conjuring oddness out of the familiar, her work is always peppered from her own lived experiences nodding greatly to 60’s/70s British cinema. IT’S STICKY.