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Directed by Federico Demattè
Italy 2021
Runtime 17'

Armando, a 15-year-old Roma teenager, lives with his mother and siblings in the suburbs of Milan. The family is about to leave the shacks to move to Berlin, where his mother’s partner found a job and a house. In the two days before departure, Armando moves through his teenage friends, his first love and a nostalgia for a Milan that is now home.

Directed by
Federico Demattè

Federico Demattè

Filippo Marzatico

Federico Demattè

Tommaso Lapiana

Tommaso Barbaro

Art Direction and Costume
Claudia De Salve, Laura Pintacorona

Armando Barosanu, Melanie Kimberley, Andrea Giorgiani, Marco Ezechieli, Ivan Andreozzi, Gabriele Barosanu, Michaela Barosanu

Andrea Italia (Nieminen Film)

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Press Office
Lucia De Mastri

Federico Demattè

Federico Demattè (1996) moved to Berlin in 2016 and then London to develop his musical project. After three years abroad he returned to Italy and published his first novel Jennifer salta giù. He started studying at NABA in Milan and began directing video-clips for Sony, Asian Fake, Bombadischi among others, and commercials for Porsche and Golden Goose. Federico is about to graduate. Inchei is his first short-film.