Short film in competition

It Isn’t So

Directed by Fabrizio Paterniti Martello
Italy 2023
Runtime 11'

Two boys from the same neighbourhood have taken different life paths. One is studying Architecture at university, the other is quick with a gun. They grew up in an environment of tension, with constant clashes between protesters and the police. The city is a labyrinth in motion: eventually, it ends up looking like the people that live in it, or maybe it is the other way around. It is the difference between living in the city, and on the outskirts of it. Everything looks the same, locked in an endless cycle. But it isn’t.

Directed by
Fabrizio Paterniti Martello

Fabrizio Paterniti Martello

Fabrizio Paterniti Martello

Fabrizio Paterniti Martello

Vincent De Paul

Fabrizio Paterniti Martello

SIC@SIC 2023 Fabrizio Paterniti Martello

Fabrizio Paterniti Martello (1988) graduated in Classical Studies, then went on to study Editing at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. As editor, he worked in fiction and documentary films that were screened at international festivals, such as the Locarno Film Festival and IDFA Amsterdam. Ex Voto, his first short film as director, won Best Film at the 34. Torino Film Festival. La Tigresse, his second work, was screened in France at the Entrevues Belfort Film Festival, in the Czech Republic at Ji.hlavaa, and in Italy at the Torino Film Festival.