In competition

La stanza lucida Lucid Room

Directed by Chiara Caterina
Italy 2022
Runtime 20'

Back home after a break-up, a man finds himself in an empty room. The movements and actions he performs mark the time of his loneliness, and a few objects offer him temporary comfort, before a deep sleep seizes him. A lucid dream will initiate a healing process.

Directed by
Chiara Caterina

Cinematography and Editing
Chiara Caterina

Massimo Mariani

Francesco Napoli

Chiara Caterina, Luca Mosso

Chiara Caterina 

Chiara Caterina

Chiara Caterina (1983), after graduating at Roma Tre DAMS and studying cinematography, she received a diploma at Le Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporains in France. Her first short film Avant la nuit won the Festival Cinema Zero in 2013 and the A corto di donne festival. Her documentary Il mondo o niente premiered at the 58th Festival dei Popoli and was selected in several national and international festivals. In 2018 her generative installation The afterimage was presented at several photography and digital arts festivals in France. She is currently developing the documentary Il dominio, il diamante e il diavolo. In 2020 she participated in the collective film La città del teatro, based on the play by Benjamin Kahn e Cherish Menzo, with the episode Pugno. In 2021 her short-film Sei ancora tu was selected at the 57th Pesaro Film Festival. In 2021 L’incanto premiered, and was awarded, at the Venice Settimana Internazionale della Critica.