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Le mosche The Flies

Directed by Edgardo Pistone
Italy 2020
Runtime 15'

The vicissitudes and adventures of a group of youngsters, left to themselves while an apparently placid and sleepy life flows undisturbed. At the mercy of the demons of growing up, of their fantasies and arrogance, like flies that hover from the rot to the silk, this group of boys will drag themselves towards a tragic and irreparable epilogue.

Edgardo Pistone

Rosario Cammarota

Giogiò Franchini, Simona Infante

Giacomo Vitiello

Art Direction
Luca Di Napoli

Costume Design
Rita Giordano

Roberto Navarra, Ciro Nacca, Luciano Gigante, Antonio Castaldo, Salvatore Striano

Sergio Panariello e Luca Zingone (Open Mind)

Tiny Distribution

World Sales
Zen Movie

Tiny Distribution

World Sales
Zen Movie

SIC@SIC 2020 Edgardo Pistone

Edgardo Pistone was born in Naples in 1990. His interest in cinema and photography started already during high school. He graduated in directing and photography from the Accademia di Belle Arti of Naples, where he presented the thesis “The tragedy that makes you laugh, the farce that makes you cry”. After university he started working as a director, photographer and screenwriter, and also started teaching filmmaking in the outskirts of Naples bringing the art of cinema to the younger generations of his city.