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Luna piena Full Moon

Directed by Isabella Torre
Italy 2020
Runtime 15'

A sudden and inexplicable event interrupts an interview that a TV crew is conducting with Lina, a famous actress in a villa in Calabria. Waking up after a short sleep, Lina finds herself alone. The crew has disappeared, the water in the pool is now covered by a layer of slime, as if contaminated. The world seems to have emptied out. There is only a small flock of goats wandering along a deserted beach under the moonlight.

Directed by
Isabella Torre

Isabella Torre

Gemma Doll-Grossman

Melanie Akoka

Giuseppe Tripodi

Special Effects
Beast VFX

Isabella Torre, Lea Pedri Stocco, Paolo Carpignano, Jonas Carpignano, Tim Curtin, Agnese Draicchio, JD de Virgiilis, Marta Natoli, Nicola Oliva, Koudous Seihon, Giuseppe Tripodi, Lucia Vesco, Alessio Zaccuri

Paolo Carpignano, Jonas Carpignano (Stayblack Productions), Lucia Vesco (Guai)

Stayblack Productions

Isabella Torre

Isabella Torre (1994) is an Italian filmmaker. She graduated in pictorial arts and theatre at the University of Fine Arts. Since then she starred in a number of TV series and films. From 2014 to 2016 she participated in the productions of Mediterranea and A Ciambra. In 2018 she wrote, directed and edited her first short film Ninfe, which had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival. She is currently working on a feature film on the same subject, entitled Basilea. Isabella attended the prestigious Sundance Mediterranean Lab/ Faliro House where, in 2018, she developed Basilea script. In 2019 she directed Vernice, her second short docu-film, centring on second-generation immigrants in Italy and based on the story of Mojo, a rapper from Rome.