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Directed by Tana Gilbert
Chile, Germany 2023
Runtime 74'

They are women. They are mothers. They are prisoners serving long sentences in a correctional facility in Chile. Their children grow up far from them, but remain in their hearts. In prison, they find affection in other partners who share their situation. Mutual support among these women becomes a form of resistance and empowerment. Malqueridas constructs their stories through images captured by them with banned cell phones inside the prison, recovering the collective memory of an abandoned community.

Directed by
Tana Gilbert

Tana Gilbert, Paola Castillo Villagrán, Javiera Velozo, Karina Sánchez

Women serving prison sentences

Javiera Velozo, Tana Gilbert

Carlo Sánchez, Janis Grossmann-Alhambra

Fanny Leiva Torres

Paola Castillo (Errante),  Dirk Manthey (Dirk Manthey Film)

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Tana Gilbert (1992) is a Chilean filmmaker. Her short documentaries have been screened internationally at festivals such as Hot Docs, RIDM Montreal International Documentary Festival, Chicago International Film Festival, Seminci, Valdivia International Film Festival, among others. She has a Master’s Degree in Documentary Film from the University of Chile and teaches film courses in different Chilean universities. Tana was selected for the IDFA Academy in 2019. Malqueridas is her first feature film.