Short film in competition


Directed by Federico Demattè
Italy 2023
Runtime 16'

Night, the suburbs. Cora is a 16-year-old who is about to break into a school with her friends. She invited her boyfriend and his group to join, even though her own friends do not like them. So begins a dark night//spree of quarreling, vandalism and chaos in the building’s labyrinth; a fight between the two groups, seeking spaces to conquer, destroy, create anew.

Directed by
Federico Demattè

Federico Demattè

Francesco Bartoli Avveduti

Jacopo Ramella Pajrin

Tommaso Lapiana

Tommaso Barbaro

Production design
Claudia De Salve

Allegra Coccolo

Cora Marcaccio, Michele Baldi, Tommaso Angioletti, Nicola Tommaso Madron, Manuel Venticinque, Morgan Gariboldi

Saverio Pesapane (Premiere Film),  Andrea Italia (Nieminen Film)


Italian distribution
Premiere Film

International sales
Premiere Film

SIC@SIC 2023 Federico Demattè

Federico Demattè (1996) moved to Berlin in 2016 with his musical project. After three years in London, he returned to Italy, where he published the novel Jennifer salta giù (Edizioni la Gru) and enrolled at Naba – Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. This marked the beginning of his work on music videos and commercials: he directed videos for companies such as Sony, Asian Fake and Bombadischi, as well as ads for Porsche and Golden Goose. Inchei, his first short film, won Best Film and Best Direction at the Settimana Internazionale della Critica of the 2021 Venice International Film Festival. he same year he directed a Spotify Radad documentary on singer Rhove. His second short film Battima, produced by Indigo Film in collaboration with Rai Cinema, premiered at the Rome Film Fest in 2022.