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Pohani Dorogy Bad Roads

Directed by Natalya Vorozhbit
Ukraine 2020
Runtime 105'

Four short stories are set along the roads of Donbass during the war. There are no safe spaces and no one can make sense of just what is going on. Even as they are trapped in the chaos, some manage to wield authority over others. But in this world, where tomorrow may never come, not everyone is defenceless and miserable. Even the most innocent victims may have their turn at taking charge.

Natalya Vorozhbit

Volodymyr Ivanov

Alexander Chornyi

Oleksandr Shatkivskyi

Art Direction
Marina Pshenichnikova

Costume Design
Andrii Yaremii

Elvira Mamedova

Igor Koltovskyy, Andrey Lelyukh, Vladimir Gurin, Anna Zhurakovskaya, Ekaterina Zhdanovich, Anastasia Parshina, Yuliya Matrosova, Maryna Klimova, Yuri Kulinich, Zoya Baranovskaya, Oksana Voronina, Sergei Solovyov

Associate Producer
Sergei Neretin

Yuriy Minzyanov, Dmitry Minzyanov (Kristi Films)

World Sales

Press Office
Lucius Barre

World Sales

35 SIC Natalya Vorozhbyt

Natalya Vorozhbit (1975) was born in Kiev and graduated from the Moscow Literary Institute. Bad Roads, her first film, was originally presented on stage in 2017 at the Royal Court Theater in London. The Royal Shakespeare Company produced her play The Grain Store in 2009; and her 2014 play Maidan: Voices From The Uprising was staged during the same season that year at both the Royal Court in London and Teatr.doc in Moscow. Vorozhbit was head writer for the acclaimed 2010 Russian TV series School and wrote the feature films Steel Butterfly (2012), Wild Fields (2016) and Cyborgs (2017). She is presently developing her second feature film project.