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The Vourdalak Le Vourdalak

Directed by Adrien Beau
France 2023
Runtime 90'

“My children,” says Gorcha before leaving, “wait six days for me. If, after those six days, I have not returned, say a prayer in my memory of me, for I shall have been killed in battle… But if ever, and may God preserve you, I were to return after six days have passed, I enjoin you to refuse me entry whatever I may say or do. For then, I shall be no more than an accursed Vourdalak.”

Directed by
Adrien Beau

Hadrien Bouvier, Adrien Beau (tratto da La Famille du Vourdalak di Aleksei K. Tolstoy)

David Chizallet

Alan Jobart

Maïa Xifaras, Martin Le Nouvel

Charlotte Comte, Laura Chelfi, Simon Apostolou

Production design
Thibault Pinto

Anne Blanchard

Kacey Mottet Klein, Ariane Labed, Grégoire Colin, Vassili Schneider, Claire Duburcq, Gabriel Pavie, Erwan Ribard, Adrien Beau

Judith Lou Lévy, Eve Robin (Les Films du Bal), Lola Pacchioni, Marco Pacchioni (Master Movies)

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9.00am Hall Perla
Press, Industry

Sunday 03.09
2.15pm Hall Perla
Public, All accreditations

Monday 04.09
8.00pm Hall Corinto
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38SIC Adrien Beau

Adrien Beau (1981) studied Performing Arts at Paris 8. From 2005, he worked as a designer for John Galliano and Christian Dior. After a stint as a theatre director (Andromaque) in 2008, he directed two short horror films in 2009 and 2011, La petite sirène and Les condiments irréguliers. As a visual artist, he often collaborates with agnès b., who regularly exhibits his work. The Vourdalak is his first feature film.