Art. 1
The 36. Settimana Internazionale della Critica (SIC) – 36° Venice International Film Critics’ Week will be held in Venice during the 78. Venice Film Festival. The International Film Critics’ Week is promoted and organized by the Sindacato Nazionale Critici Cinematografici Italiani (SNCCI) – National Union of Italian Film Critics, in association with La Biennale di Venezia and the Venice Film Festival.

Art. 2
The General Delegate Beatrice Fiorentino, assisted by film critics Paola Casella, Simone Emiliani, Enrico Azzano and Roberto Manassero, all appointed by the SNCCI, will select a maximum of seven full-length films to take part in the competition, plus two films to be shown out of competition. Their judgment is final.

Art. 3
To be eligible for the 36° Venice International Film Critics’ Week, the submitted works must comply with the following criteria:
— Films must be the director’s first full-length feature or documentary;
— Minimum length required is 60 minutes;
— Film must be produced and completed in the 12 months prior to the festival (between Venice 2020 and Venice 2021);
— For Italian films: only world premieres will be accepted;
— For non-Italian films: the submitted works should not be theatrically released or presented in other festivals before Venice, except for their country of origin within the year 2020. Preference will be accorded to world premieres;
— Films should not be released on the internet or made available online.
Art. 4
— Screeners of films not in Italian language must be subtitled in Italian or English.
— All submitted works must be sent with the submission form available at
— For each submitted film, a registration fee is requested to cover administrative costs. The fee is 40 Euro and must be paid either by credit card (Paypal) or bank transfer (details on our website and in the submission form). The fee will not be reimbursed under any circumstance.

Art. 5
All films submitted for selection (preferably Vimeo links) must be received no later than July 1st, 2021. Online screeners should be sent to

Art. 6
— All shipment costs for submitted screeners and related materials must be covered by the applicant.
— In case of selection, all shipment costs for official screening purposes must be covered by the applicant. Protection against any harm caused to the selected films in unloading and screening is guaranteed by an “all risks” policy stipulated by the Festival and covering the period in which the copies remain with the Festival. The 78. Venice Film Festival also assumes responsibility for care and custody of films during the entire period of the Festival or until the films are returned to the owner.
— All films selected for the 36° Venice International Film Critics’ Week are eligible to take part in the additional screenings program promoted by our institutional sponsors and organized after the end of the 78. Venice Film Festival. The producer/international distributor is responsible to inform any existing or potential Italian distributor about this program, which is mandatory. It should thus be assumed that the prints will be returned only after the completion of the program (no later than October 31st, 2021).

Art. 7
— For festival screenings, all selected films must be available in Digital Cinema Package (DCP);
— All selected films must be presented at the Festival in their original version. Films not in Italian language must show Italian subtitles on print/DCP (English subtitles will be projected off screen). Films in Italian language must show English subtitles on print/DCP. The production/distribution is responsible for covering the subtitling costs.

Art. 8
— The seven films in competition are eligible for the “Venice Critics’ Week Audience Award” consisting of 5.000 Euro and other prizes to be awarded by relevant juries.
— The seven films presented in competition are also eligible for the “Lion of the Future – Luigi De Laurentiis Venice Award for a Debut Film” consisting of 100.000 USD.

Art. 9
— It is mandatory for all the selected films to display the 36. Venice International Film Critics’ Week logo on all promotional materials. In case of theatrical release, both in Italy and abroad, the logo must appear on the screening copies as well.
— The award winners must correctly mention the prize in every communication about the film, and on the screening copies as well.

Art. 10
Duly motivated exceptions to these regulations may be approved by the General Delegate with the agreement of the Selection Committee and the Executive Committee of the SNCCI.

Art. 11
Any issue not covered by these regulations must be settled by the practice and regulations of the 78. Venice Film Festival. Submission to the selection process and participation in the 36°Venice International Film Critics’ Week imply full acceptance of these regulations.

Il pubblico della SIC